Getting Dahveed 5

Since I’ve had lots of questions about when to get Dahveed 5, here’s what I know at this point. Print copies: They should be coming off the press about Oct. 25, so most ABC’s should have them the first of November. E-book release date is November 1, 2014. Good Lord willin’ an’ the creek don’t rise, the above deadlines will be met! I hope everyone enjoys the story, and that it is worth the wait. Terri.

Dahveed 5 is at the press!

The title says it all!

Another update for Dahveed 5

The editor surprised me and completed his job much sooner than anticipated! The book should go to press the first part of October!! Thank You, Lord!

Dahveed 2 again available as e-book!

As of tomorrow morning, Dahveed 2 should be up for sale as an e-book with both and Barnes & Noble. This is the author’s edition of the book. Corrections to the print copy have been made, and two chapters of deleted scenes added back in. I hope you all enjoy it!

More on Dahveed 5

Dahveed 5 is over half edited. Hang in there everyone! It will get to press! In the meantime, Dahveed 2 is also out as an e-book for Nook. I ran into a glitch for Kindle, and am working to get that taken care of. Thanks for your continued prayers.

Dahveed 1 back online as an e-book!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Dahveed 1 can again be purchased as an e-book! It is the author’s corrected edition now available. Look for Dahveed 2 in the near future. The author’s edition of that will be significantly different than the previous e-book put out by the publisher. A couple of significant errors will be corrected, and deleted scenes added back in! For those of you who use the Book Nook, I’m working on it! Barnes and Noble changed their publishing platform, and I’m still working the formatting kinks out of the files. Watch my posts for updates.

Check out the changes!

Now that I have Dahveed 5 out of my mind, I’ve had the chance to catch up on some things. Check out the changes to the Dahveed series page, Dahveed 3 page, and the new page on Dahveed 4. Editing of Dahveed 5 is proceeding, the front matter for the book is complete, and the cover is nearly done also. Now, I’m just waiting for comments and corrections! Keep me in your prayers. They help.