Dahveed 6: Update 4

Well, I’m done with the translation of the chapters in 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles covered by Dahveed 6. While I was doing that, I found that sometimes the Hebrew grammar can put a different slant on the translation, so I dug out my reference books for grammar and checked all the references in them. Now that I’ve finished with that, I have to enter my notes into the computer so I can organize them, and then make the table of all the names and titles used in the stories. When David is called “David” and when he is called “the king” can also put a different slant on what is happening . . . After that, I will be ready to begin the final sort of all the note cards. So, progress may be slow, but it is happening! I also want to take...

Dahveed 6: Update 3

Progress on Dahveed 6 may be slow, but it is there!! I’ve completed the review, selection, and rough sort of the note cards for the book. Now, I am reading the story from 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles again in the Hebrew, looking for clues in the text for help in plotting the story. For instance, in 1 Chronicles 15:2 the word translated “chose” and describing the Levites is Bet Het Resh in the Hebrew. But in 1 Chronicles 16:41, the word used to describe the “chosen” Levites sent to Gibeon is Bet Resh Resh. The first means to carefully select the best. The second means to select through elimination. So, why are different words used to describe the Levites who were “chosen?” What are the implication of the two words? ...

Dahveed 6: More news

Thanks so much to all of you who have kept me in your prayers. My dad’s health has stabilized enough that I am back on a schedule where progress on Dahveed 6 is possible. I finished my review of all my note cards — over 10,000 of them — and am currently doing “catch-up” research. Next step, pulling the note cards I will use for Dahveed 6. Then I will begin to plot the book. But, one step at a time!! Terri

Dahveed 6

I had a little project that needed to be done before I began reviewing note cards for Dahveed 6. I needed to get all my note cards typed into the computer. I’ve worked on it sporadically for three or four years, but never really made it a priority. December, January, and February, I made it a priority. There are now over 10,000 note cards in various files on my computer where they are–finally!!–easily searchable! The cards are also tagged, so the current project is to review all the tags, subdivide and combine as necessary, and then pull out the ones for Dahveed 6. I found a lot of cards that applied to Dahveed 6 while I was typing them in . . . So progress toward the last book of the series is on-going. However, my father’s health is...

Book Signing Scheduled

For those of you in the area, the Christian Book Center in Berrien Springs, MI has scheduled a book signing for me on Sunday, Nov 30, 2014, from noon to 3 p.m. I’ll be there to answer questions about my books as well as sign them. From comments I’ve seen and heard, Dahveed 5 turned out to be a good book. Thanks so much for all your patience and encouragement as I wrote it! I just thought of something. On more than one occasion, the CBC here in Berrien has held a book for me to sign before shipping it out. So Sunday, the 30th would be a good opportunity for having books for gifts to be signed. Just call 1-877-277-4800, tell them which book to set aside for me to sign, leave the name of the person who will receive the book–please spell the...

Dahveed 5 is now available!

Thank you all so much for your patience! Dahveed 5 is shipping, and can be ordered through your local ABC store. If the ABC near you closed, click on “Ordering Information” on the main menu and contact the Berrien Springs ABC. They will be happy to take your order. For those of you waiting for the e-book, it is still on track for a November 1 release. Spread the word. Word-of-mouth is the only marketing I have. God Bless. Terri.

Getting Dahveed 5

Since I’ve had lots of questions about when to get Dahveed 5, here’s what I know at this point. Print copies: They should be coming off the press about Oct. 25, so most ABC’s should have them the first of November. E-book release date is November 1, 2014. Good Lord willin’ an’ the creek don’t rise, the above deadlines will be met! I hope everyone enjoys the story, and that it is worth the wait. Terri.